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All-Time Goaltending Leaders

Last Updated: 3/23/19

The following is a list of the Clarkson Lacrosse All-Time Goaltending Leaders, with statistics and "Most in Category" leaders.

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Most in Category

Record Total Name Information
Most Saves in a Game38Bruce SpiegelIn an 8-2 loss at Colgate, 1969
Most Saves in a Season222Rob MeenanIn 13 games, 1996
Most Saves in a Career593Ryan ColeIn 55 games from 2010-13
Most Wins in a Season13Jamie Mattick13-2, 1989
Most Wins in a Career34Jamie Mattick34-9 from 1986-89

Goaltending Leaders

Name Years Games GA Saves Save % GAA Record
Jim Rowley1980-8227367405.52514.176-20
Eric Lorraine1982-8526311337.52014.376-14
Tim Faulkner1983-8636242384.6138.8615-11
Jamie Mattick1986-8947303445.5957.2034-9
Mike Motkowski1990-9122137222.61810.018-5
Chris Macrides1990-9231206382.6508.9818-5
Rob Meenan1993-9637373547.59512.0511-21
David Jay1998-0144430514.54412.1021-20
Joe Zebrowski2002-0548312504.6186.9332-16
Greg Lamb2005-0835224350.6108.1515-12
John Szvoren2006-0923132140.5158.9110-5
Ryan Cole2010-1355432593.5798.4028-25
Harrison Washuta2012-141510499.70210.715-5
Nick Strandholm2014-1747455530.5389.68121-26
Peter Hargrave201641412.46213.650-1
Timothy St. Croix2015, 1761110.4768.951-0
Colin Holt2017-1815102106.5109.085-6
Kevin Dyckman201854141.50010.411-3