"Connecting Clarkson Men's Lacrosse players, past and present, to build tradition and expand professional opportunities through our vast alumni network."

Mission Statement

The mission of Clarkson Old Gold is to continue the tradition of Clarkson Men's Lacrosse by providing current Clarkson Men's Lacrosse players and alumni with a unique connection to Clarkson Men's Lacrosse alumnus for the purposes of maximizing professional career opportunities following their Clarkson careers.

Clarkson Old Gold provides current Clarkson Men's Lacrosse players and alumni with access to a vast database of Clarkson Men's Lacrosse alumni professional profiles. An alumni profile includes the company they are currently working for, industry they are working in, degree earned at Clarkson and contact information (i.e., phone, email, etc.). Utilizing this information current players and alumni can connect for the purposes of seeking out potential career opportunities within a particular discipline or within a specific company of choice relevant to their coursework or earned degree from Clarkson. This is an inside “edge” in the professional world only available to current players and alumni because it provides them contacts within a company and prevents sole reliance on a human resources department for potential career opportunities.

Clarkson Old Gold was established to prepare Clarkson Men’s Lacrosse players (past and present) for professional and personal success as responsible men maximizing their individual potential, usage of the programs alumni network, while serving as positive ambassadors for a university athletic program.