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Single Season Scoring Leaders

Last Updated: 3/23/19

The following is a list of the Clarkson Lacrosse Single Season Scoring Leaders, with statistics.

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Points (50+)

Name Year Total
Egil Zarins197255
Alan Nolet197765
Alan Nolet197863
Rich Hewitt197955
Rich Hewitt198062
Rich Hewitt198157
Dan Panas198568
Dan Panas198665
Dan Panas198760
Ed McMahon198866
Rick Below198960
Ed McMahon198985
Ed McMahon199057
Brad Arthur199155
Mark Winkler199165
Ed McMahon199180
Mark Winkler199258
Craig VanTine199660
Craig VanTine199866
Craig VanTine199957
Jeremy Pafundi200155
Nick Masterpole200160
Jim Lavelle200450
Sean Pearce200451
Greg Gibbons200757
Tom Ross200951
Greg Gibbons200957
Ryan DaRin201756
Conor Bartlett201853

Goals (30+)

Name Year Total
Alan Nolet197830
George Miller197832
Rich Hewitt198032
Rich Hewitt198131
John Grosshans198630
Dan Panas198631
John Grosshans198742
Ed McMahon198849
Dave Sizing198932
Ed McMahon198936
Dan Shappee199030
Brad Arthur199133
Mark Winkler199141
Ed McMahon199145
Chris Keating199233
Mark Winkler199235
Keith Feldman199430
Ryan Adams199433
Craig VanTine199645
Nick Masterpole199834
Craig VanTine199840
Craig VanTine199944
Nick Masterpole200141
Jim Lavelle200430
Sean Pearce200435
Greg Gibbons200634
Brian Hanlon200637
Greg Gibbons200739
Brian Hoey200822
Tom Ross200938
Greg Gibbons200948
Ryan St. Croix201530
Ryan DaRin201631
Ryan St. Croix201631
Ryan St. Croix201730
Ryan DaRin201745
Conor Bartlett201830

Assists (20+)

Name Year Total
Egil Zarins197227
Egil Zarins197326
Alan Nolet197633
Alan Nolet197744
Alan Nolet197833
Rich Hewitt197934
Rich Hewitt198030
Rich Hewitt198126
Kevin Howell198127
Walt Eccles198426
Dan Panas198541
Dan Panas198634
Dan Panas198744
Todd Cain198828
Rick Below198831
Rick Below198933
Ed McMahon198949
Ed McMahon199030
Ed McMahon199135
Mike Savage199429
Craig VanTine199826
Greg Goyette199928
Jeremy Pafundi200135
Sean Pearce200321
Jim Lavelle200420
Corey Herrington201222
Corey Herrington201327
Conor Bartlett201722
Conor Bartlett201823