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Results By Season

Last Updated: 3/23/19

The following is a list of results by season, with overall and conference records, team statistics and playoff appearances.

* Overall record denoted by blue text
* Conference record denoted by green text

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Year Games Won Lost Tied Won Lost GF GA Coach Playoffs
19605232058Jack Hantz
19615142341Jack Hantz
19626152872Jack Hantz
19638354083Jack Hantz
19648443478Jack Hantz
1965807123104Jack Hantz
196610371444126Jack Hantz
19679180425105Jack Hantz
19689181435125Jack Hantz
196910191438139Jack Hantz
197010281357107Jack Hantz
197110372480100Ron Cervasio
197211744211893Ron CervasioUSILA Tournament
1973133100689176Ron Cervasio
197410371488115Jack Hantz
19759362483105Jack Hantz
1976107333130110Jack Hantz
1977106433119131Jack Hantz
1978107332130110Jack Hantz
197910642311395Jack Hantz
1980113815120173Rory Whipple
1981113814105152Rory Whipple
1982111100568163Rory Whipple
1983133100596151Rory Whipple
1984127523132131Rory Whipple
1985134905134160Rory Whipple
19861510532152114Rory Whipple
19871510514160112Matt Hogan
19881512323149102Matt HoganECAC Champions
19891513231203111Bill BerganECAC Champions
199012843217496Bill Bergan
19911410432204132Bill BerganNCAA Tournament
1992128451184129Bill BerganNCAA Tournament
1993107351107101Bill Bergan
1994137624147152Bill Bergan
1995122100692160Bill Bergan
1996135823146150Bill Bergan
19971421214119200Bill Bergan
1998126632157163Bill Bergan
1999136723144143Bill Bergan
2000132111499172Bill Bergan
2001128424165111Bill Bergan
2002131126014588Bill BerganNCAA Tournament
200313943311477Bill Bergan
2004168833164147Bill BerganNCAA Tournament
2005147742110114Bill Bergan
20061551033139164Bill Bergan
20071661042141135Bill Bergan
200813944211397Bill Bergan
20091510542162138Bill Bergan
20101531224101165Bill Bergan
2011158742130128Bill Bergan
2012159633148118Bill Bergan
20131610642140129Bill Bergan
2014147715121135Bill Bergan
2015157843134132Bill Bergan
20161541125153182Bill Bergan
2017159643166146Bill Bergan
2018156935138143Bill Bergan
TOTALS 638 296 341 1 110 151 5981 6651 54 Seasons 7 Appearances