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All-Time Scoring Leaders

Last Updated: 3/23/19

The following is a list of the Clarkson Lacrosse All-Time Scoring Leaders, with statistics.

Please note that players highlighted in green are currently on the active roster.

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Points (100+)

Name Year Total
Ed McMahon1988-91288
Alan Nolet1975-78216
Greg Gibbons2006-09213
Rich Hewitt1978-81208
Dan Panas1985-87193
Nick Masterpole1998-01184
Craig VanTine1996-99183
John Grosshans1984-87164
Sean Pearce2001-04163
Mark Winkler1989-92156
Kevin Howell1980-83151
Rick Below1986-89148
Ryan St. Croix2014-17146
Corey Herrington201215139
Ryan DaRin2014-17137
Steve Avveduti1974-77135
Tom Ross2006-09129
Rick Stevens1971-73128
Egil Zarins1972-76126
Todd Cain1987-90125
Brian Hoey2006-09121
Walt Eccles1981-84118
George Miller1976-79113
Matt McCabe2010-13111
Ryan Adams1992-95108
Bryan Huff2009-12104
Matthew Gold2012-15102

Goals (60+)

Name Year Total
Ed McMahon1988-91157
Greg Gibbons2006-09149
Craig VanTine1996-99129
Nick Masterpole1998-01125
John Grosshans1984-87113
Ryan St. Croix2014-17110
Rich Hewitt1978-81107
Sean Pearce2001-04104
Ryan DaRin2014-17102
Mark Winkler1989-92102
Tom Ross2006-0992
Steve Avveduti1974-7790
George Miller1976-7989
Alan Nolet1975-7883
Ryan Adams1992-9577
Kevin Howell1980-8377
Dan Panas1985-8774
Matthew Gold2012-1573
Rick Stevens1971-7372
Matt Austin1994-9670
Walt Eccles1981-8469
Brendon Shearin2010-1369
Chris Keating1990-9368
Bryan Huff2009-1266
Todd Cain1987-9065
Egil Zarins1972-7661
Rick Below1986-8960
Dave Sizing1989-9060
Corey Herrington2012-1560

Assists (40+)

Name Year Total
Alan Nolet1975-78133
Ed McMahon1988-91131
Dan Panas1985-87119
Rich Hewitt1978-81101
Rick Below1986-8988
Corey Herrington2012-1579
Kevin Howell1980-8374
Egil Zarins1972-7665
Greg Gibbons2006-0964
Brian Hoey2006-0964
Matt McCabe2010-1362
Todd Cain1987-9060
Nick Masterpole1998-0159
Sean Pearce2001-0459
Rick Stevens1971-7356
Craig VanTine1996-9954
Mark Winkler1989-9254
John Grosshans1984-8751
Walt Eccles1981-8449
Craig Cattelane1994-9646
Conor Bartlett2017-Present45
Steve Avveduti1975-7745
Mike Savage1991-9441
Jim Lavelle2002-0440